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Two, Three  & Four - Bedroom
 Luxury Villas Starting at 4.17 Miliar *$268,888 U.S.

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Invest and or Retire Full time or Part time on Bali, the Island of The Gods
Bali Luxury  Retirement Villas Baby Boom

If you are a Baby Boomer 55 or older you can easily, legally retire on the Island of Bali, the number one sought after destination in Asia and the world.

You can now retire in luxury with housekeepers, drivers and great year-round weather at a cost of living that is up to 70 % less.

"Live like a multimillionaire for 70% less" 

The clean air, fantastic year-round weather, friendly Balinese, low crime, clean air, and six dollar and hour massages will soon make you realize this is the best place to retire in the world.

Bali Luxury  Retirement Villas Baby Boom
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Magical scenery

You and your loved ones will enjoy  scenic walks with green rice paddies and towering 3,200 Mt. Mount Agung

Bali Luxury Retirement Villas Scenes (3)

CLeanest Air In The world

The air quality at Bali Luxury Retirement Villas located 200 mtrs. from a stunning, clean beach is amongst the cleanest in the world.

The trade winds blow for most of the year from the East and South which means that the winds are from areas with virtually no pollution in Eastern Indonesia and Antarctica.

As can be seen by this photo below the air is so clean that you the visibility is 120 km (75Miles) all the way to the Rinjani Volcano on the neighbour island of Lombok.

Bali Luxury Retirement Villas Saba Beach

Ocean air is extremely healthy plus rarely need air conditioning

Research has proven that ocean air is exceptionally healthy especially if you have asthma or allergies related to dust or Poland.​

The Canadian developer of this property who lives just down the beach has virtually eliminated his dust mite allergies. This can be a miracle for those that have heavy allergies.​

Also due to the trade winds most of the year there is no need for air conditioning most of the time also providing for a very healthy environment for your golden years.

Children and grandchildren will love to visit

You won’t have to worry about how often you see your children and grandchildren  a private pool and magical beach 200 MTRS away will ensure that they will beg you stand in line to stay with you in this gorgeous location.

Bali Luxury  Retirement Villas Baby Boom

Private full time maid only $195 Mth.

Say goodbye to household chores since you can easily afford a full-time private maid who will make retirement easy.

For approximately $200 per month, she will work full-time clean, cook, do laundry and even do your grocery shopping.

Household chores will be a thing of the past.

Bali Luxury  Retirement Villas Baby Boom

A large percentage of the villas in Bali are now becoming full-time retirement villas meaning that there are plenty of seniors and baby boomers for you to meet and become friends with.

Cost of Living 70% less

Healthcare and cost of living are 70% less meaning that your hard-earned savings will go a lot further providing you more money for traveling and enjoying life.

Bali Luxury Retirement Villas Aerial Eas

Luxurious 2 Bedrm. 2 Bth. Villa 200 Meters from Beach.

  • 100% legal for foreigners.

  • Includes leases totaling 80 yrs.

  • Private carport included.

  • Private 8 m (27 Ft.) pool** for leisurely laps. 

  • Only 200 Mtr. To the fabulous beach, restaurants, beach clubs.

  • Great investment for you and your heirs.

  • Private Housekeepers & drivers, only $200 MTh.

  • Healthcare at a fraction of Western costs.

  • Brand-new hospital within five minutes.

  • Award-winning international Airport 35 min.

  • Proximity to Sanur, Ubud, Denpasar.

  • Walking distance to affordable restaurants and beach clubs

  • Shared low costs of pool man and gardeners.

  • Minuscule monthly common area fees.

  • Managed by 15-year-old, Hall of Fame award-winning management company 

  • *Price of least expensive villa in U.S.D. after $28,888 Discount for first two villas only. Subject to change without notice.

  • **Eight-meter first class swimming pool Only U.S.D. $28,888 Extra.

Larger Villas for Investment and/or Full Time or Part Time Retirement 

For larger families, we have three-bedroom and four-bedroom Luxury Villas and Estates available including:


3485 - 06.jpg

An even larger and more luxurious estate in a beachfront complex is available for only $488,888. A $100,000 discount from it's normal price.


Huge 14 m, (46-foot) private swimming pool.

Located on a stunning beach with magical sunrises


Offered by "Hall of Fame" award-winning company with thousands of satisfied clients buyers and renters over the past 15 Yrs.

Bali News -New Office Notaris Azizah Bel

© Bali Luxury Retirement Villas is presented by Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.). a 15-year-old business with over 100 staff and thousands of satisfied clients.

It is owned and operated by an Indonesian Notaris and her husband a Canadian developer who combined have over 40 years of hotel and development experience. 

They have already successfully developed four large luxury villa resorts and are now focusing on villas for retirees.

.They do business as Best Asia Real Estate, PT. Bali Luxury Villas, Bali Paradise Beach Estates and Bali Luxury Retirement Villas.  

They are a Ten-time Consecutive Certificate of Excellence recipient on the World's Largest Travel Site and were awarded the "Hall Of Fame Award", in 2019. This is awarded to only 2 % of the Hotels listed on TripAdvisor World Wide"

Bali Luxury Villas Manager PT. Bali Luxu
Bali Luxury Villas Manager PT. Bali Luxu
Bali Luxury Villas Manager PT. Bali Luxu
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