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 Bali Luxury Retirement Villas Prices

Starting at *$268,888


To Good to Be True

When you first see this price of USD *$268,888 understandably you may ask what's the catch, this sounds too good to be true?

If you have experience with Bali and Bali prices you understand this price is an extremely good price and is achievable because of the low cost of land and of labor.

In fact, you can buy villas that are bigger for the same price.

The problem is you may only have 10 to 20 years remaining on the lease.Or they may be older units that are ready to fall apart because the standards probably generally not even close to Western standards.

blvs-be-ext - 15.JPG

Our Bali Luxury Retirement Villas are built to a high standard and include 80 Years of prepaid leases. 

The fact is that these villas prices are guaranteed by the this developer PT. B.A.L.I. who have already built 55 luxury villas for discerning buyers such as the former directors of The Ritz Carlton and General Electric.

The starting price of U.S.D.$194,888  is a base price for those who do not wish to have air conditioning, which may not be needed this close the beach.


It also doesn't include A beautiful 8 m swimming pool  which may not be desired by some.

What it does include is the exact floor plan shown below including two bedrooms two bathrooms, dining area and living area, washer and dryer  and carport .


Introductory prices

27-Bali Luxury Retirement Villas A4 POOL.jpg

Pool maintenance & gardening: You may opt to take care of your own pool maintenance and gardening to save a little bit of money or share with 4 to 6 other villas the cost of a gardener and a pool man. This should cost as little as $50-$70 a month.


Full or part-time housekeeping available: One of the great features of living in Bali is that housekeepers currently only cost around $200 per month for full-time staff. No more need for washing dishes, clothes, floors etc.

Balinese housekeepers are not only very friendly and hard working but extremely honest. Many become like family.

Professional concierges 24 HRS: Professional, helpful concierges will attend to your every need at the main reception on the ground floor of our head office in Sanur.

There is a possibility of sharing your housekeeping with other villas in the complex therefore reducing the costs even further.


Shared transportation: We anticipate in the future that there will be minibuses with daily schedules going to the major towns close by such as Sanur for shopping and even the local markets which can be very can be a pleasurable shopping experience for those that love to have the freshest fruits, vegetables and spices.

Minuscule common area & security fees:  The common area security fees initially are estimated to be around hundred $195 per month and will only grow at the annual cost of inflation plus any other expenses dictated by government. This will cover the maintenance of the common areas and gardening plus the 24-hour security.

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