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Bali Luxury  Retirement Villas Baby Boom

Bali’s Retirement


“In Bali, the locals, mainly Hindu, treat age with respect and caring. They increase their care towards older people. They are delighted to assist physically, mentally and emotionally, with tasks or challenges”


2018-08 Ms. E.B. Spouse of Australian Attorney, Retired in Bali for 10 years.

In the past retiring in Bali was difficult because you had to leave every 30 to 60 days to renew your visa. Now the government of Indonesia is encouraging foreigners to retire in Bali with a retirement visa for anyone over 55 years of age.
This retirement visa is relatively easy to obtain and will allow you to stay in Bali for five years at a time without leaving Bali. It is easy to renew every five years. The cost is insignificant. We can assist you obtaining this in a reasonably short time.

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